Natural Resources

"The conservation of natural resources is our fundamental target. We help our clients recovering oil production providing enhanced EEOR technology.

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New Technologies

Acting as technology transfer hub, we always seek expanding our business with partners ready to share profits in Libyan market

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Professional Services

Environmental Impact Assessment, specific environmental studies and field measurement. We also are proude to provide ERW and UXO services.

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Featured Projects

The company with its partners are advokating for a post conflict environmental assessment starting 2018.

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Latest News

Brainstorming Workshop;
University of Tripoli, Wed 9:00 am.

Plan to conduct detailed environmental assessments based on in-depth fieldwork, laboratory analysis and state-of-the-art technology to identify major environmental risks to health, livelihoods and security and provide recommendations to national authorities on how to address them.

Benghazi, 09-11 October 2018

BENGHAZI INTERNATIONAL FORUM AND EXHIBITION OF OIL AND GAS (BIEOG2018) are designed to create impact and offer unparalleled effectiveness in promoting products, services and business offering to the largest audience of oil and gas in Libya.