who we are

We value our relationships with current and future customers and hope to communicate our appreciation to them through our outstanding, guaranteed product quality, personal service, and efficient delivery. Our commitment to our customers and to Libya will be reflected through honest and responsible business.

our capabilities

SCOPE OF SERVICES AND PRODUCTS Offering affordable, top of the line electrical and mechanical products, of a very wide range. We are also specialized in working only with top quality products and suppliers in the mechanical and electrical industries today.

Products: Bio Enzymes. Advanced Seismic SAG-Y Data Processing Software

Services: EOR (Well treatments) NORM, ER, UXO (Clean ups)

Consultancy Risk Management

our vision

Our plan is to employ and coach qualified graduate scientists and engineers, they will join the promising career opportunities in the oil fields services sector. Building skilled staff to be available with regard to technical principles is believed to be the wisest investment the company can do for the next coming years.

safety policy statment

Holding safety is one of our most important responsibilities in the operation of this organization. Totally, we believe that production and safety go hand in hand and that a safe working environment leads to improved production. At this time, a renewed effort must be placed on safety by every employee at this facility. COMPANY SAFETY RULES The company considers providing a safe and healthy working environment as a main target. To do this, we must constantly be aware of conditions in each individual’s work area that can produce injuries. No employee is required to work at a job that is not safe or healthful. Employee cooperation in detecting hazards, and in turn controlling them, is a condition of employment. The GENERAL SAFETY RULES and procedures govern all employees and all company operations. These rules are not meant to be all-inclusive since in many departments more specific rules are necessary for a smooth and safe operation. Additions to, and deletions from, or modification of these rules will be made anytime it is determined necessary for the safety and wellbeing of all personnel